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Residency programs

What is an Alliance Arts for Learning Institute Residency?

A residency with the Alliance Arts for Learning Institute pairs a professional teaching artist with a classroom teacher. This collaborative model allows the pair to plan lessons and use instructional strategies that address Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Fine Art Standards using arts integration. Alliance Arts for Learning Institute programs support targeted professional learning needs for educators and learning outcomes for students.

What does an Alliance Arts for Learning Residency include?

  • Teachers meet with their teaching artist to plan co-teaching models, discuss arts-integrated instruction, make connections to curricula, and schedule the residency.
  • The teaching artist and teacher co-teach 8-12 classroom sessions of arts-integrated instruction.
  • The teaching artist and teacher reflect throughout the residency on students’ experiences by discussing successes, challenges, areas of growth and next steps.
  • Students share what they have learned with other classes, administrators, and/or their families.
  • Students and teachers attend an Alliance Theatre production.
  • Teachers gain professional learning in arts integration through the gradual release of responsibility and opportunities for differentiated instruction.

Why participate in an Alliance Arts for Learning Residency?

Teaching artists provide coaching and instructional models for participating teachers. They guide teachers to make connections between the arts and curriculum content and address the value these connections have for student learning. Educators participating in AA4L Institute residencies are encouraged to form peer to peer learning communities.

Students benefit from standards-based instruction, introduction to arts-integration strategies, an increase in learning engagement, and the opportunity to reflect upon and demonstrate new knowledge and understandings.

Digital Storytelling allows students to work alongside a teaching artist to explore the full creative process of telling a digital story with tools such as images, text, audio, interactive illustrations, and music.

Dramaturgy by Students is a singular program focused on a specific Alliance Theatre production that guides students through the process of text analysis, writing, and research to create artful educational materials that inform professional Alliance Theatre productions.

Arts for Learning (A4L) Lessons is an innovative national literacy program, proven to be effective in helping students develop and enhance important skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening through the integration of the arts.

Slam Poetry offers a rigorous, multidisciplinary learning opportunity through the arts that builds 6th-12th grade students' ability to express themselves in a confident, clear and meaningful way. 

Drama Partners encompasses many engaging programs for 2nd-8th grade students, including Reader’s Theater, Process Drama, and Middle School Improv.

Adapted from the nationally-recognized Palefsky Collision Project, this program inspires 6th -1 2th grade students to fully engage in a text from the school curriculum or a script from the current Alliance season through writing exercises, drama strategies, and relevant research, to create their own individual pieces of collaborative theater.

A nationally recognized, research based Early Learning Through the Arts education program which integrates drama, creative movement, puppetry and music to deepen and enhance literacy and numeracy skills for children in preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten.

Historical Figures Come To Life allows students to research a selected historical figure, write a monologue in first person, design a costume, develop voice and movement tools of the actor, and then perform the monologue in-character. The teacher also develops his or her own drama integrated strategies that can be replicated in other classrooms or subjects.

smART stART is an arts-integrated approach to early literacy that supports a student’s ability to tell and retell a story, including sequencing and narrative elements.



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