Residency programs

What is an Alliance Theatre Institute Residency?

A residency with the Alliance Theatre Institute pairs a professional teaching artist with a classroom teacher. This collaborative model allows the pair to plan lessons and use instructional strategies that address Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Fine Art Standards using arts integration. Alliance Theatre Institute programs support targeted professional learning needs for educators and learning outcomes for students.

What does an Alliance Theatre Institute Residency include?

  • Teachers meet with their teaching artist to plan co-teaching models, discuss arts-integrated instruction, make connections to curricula, and schedule the residency.
  • The teaching artist and teacher co-teach 8-12 classroom sessions of arts-integrated instruction.
  • The teaching artist and teacher reflect throughout the residency on students’ experiences by discussing successes, challenges, areas of growth and next steps.
  • Students share what they have learned with other classes, administrators, and/or their families.
  • Students and teachers attend an Alliance Theatre production.
  • Teachers gain professional learning in arts integration through the gradual release of responsibility and opportunities for differentiated instruction.

Why participate in an Alliance Theatre Institute Residency?

Teaching artists provide coaching and instructional models for participating teachers. They guide teachers to make connections between the arts and curriculum content and address the value these connections have for student learning. 

Students benefit from standards-based instruction, introduction to arts-integration strategies, an increase in learning engagement, and the opportunity to reflect upon and demonstrate new knowledge and understandings.

Residency Programs

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