Musical Theater Composition

In this residency, students examine the history of musical theater to develop an appreciation for the genre and identify key components of a captivating show in order to create an original musical theater production.The program begins with an Introduction to Musical Theater Event, in which students engage in a Performance & Lecture and meet with a guest artist to review the source text they will adapt into an original musical. Throughout the residency, students closely analyze a key moment within the source text to compose the music and lyrics of an original song that both propels the plot and reveals character motivation and complexity. Under the mentorship of a professional teaching artist, students rehearse and refine an assigned section of the story, including both dialogue and song – first within the context of a single classroom, and then together across all participating classrooms to build a complete and new piece of musical theater.


Grades 9-12

Program Components

  • 1 Introduction to Musical Theater Event
  • 8 Classroom Sessions
  • 2 Planning Meetings
  • 1 Dress Rehearsal
  • 1 Culminating Performance

For More Information

Liz Davis,, 404-733-5256 

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