Dramaturgy by Students

Dramaturgy by Students is a singular program focused on a specific Alliance Theatre production that guides students through the process of text analysis, writing, and research to create artful educational materials that inform professional Alliance Theatre productions. These materials are assembled into a packet that the students give to the production’s director, cast and design team to use in the development and rehearsal process. The students’ work frequently affects the outcome of what the audience sees on stage after the play opens to the public.

A professional dramaturg has many jobs within a theater setting: a researcher for the production team of a play, supplying historical and contextual information to the director and designers; a consultant and advocate for the playwright’s intentions; the literary manager for a theater, assisting in the selection of plays for the season and education of the audience and outreach to the community.

Dramaturgy by Students has 10 in-class sessions co-taught by a teaching artist and the classroom teacher.  Four planning sessions provide opportunities for the teacher and teaching artist to collaborate on learning goals and standards and to devise and refine lesson and unit plans, learning extensions, and assessments.

For more information, contact:

2nd-5th Grades: Rebecca Pogue, rebecca.pogue@alliancetheatre.org, 404.733.5329
6th-12th Grades: Liz Davis, liz.davis@woodruffcenter.org, 404.733.5256

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