Virtual Resources for Teachers

Virtual Resources for Teachers 

In order to support teachers and caregivers during extended school closures due to COVID-19, the Alliance Theatre Institute is providing free grade-level resources to use in virtual school settings or at home. 

Early Childhood Resources 
Pre-K and Kindergarten 

Literary Elements: Setting
Literary Elements: Character
Wolf Trap Institute Parent Resources
VIDEO - Statues Introduction for Teachers


Elementary School Resources  
Grades 1-5 

VIDEO - Tableau - Introduction for Teachers
VIDEO - Tableau - Introduction for Students
Tableau for Elementary School
VIDEO - Story Re-Tell with Theater for Teachers
VIDEO - Story Re-Tell with Theater for Students
VIDEO - Town Hall for Teachers
VIDEO - Town Hall for Students
VIDEO - Theater Games in Your Home - For Caregivers
VIDEO - Theater Games in Your Home - For Teachers


Middle School Resources  
Grades 6-8 

Ghost Study Guide
Improv Games for Middle School
Slam Poetry for Middle School
Historical Figures Come to Life for Middle School


High School Resources 
Grades 9-12 

Johnny Mercer Foundation Partnership
Becoming Nancy Study Guide
Maybe Happy Ending Study Guide
Seize the King Study Guide
Improv Games for High School
Slam Poetry for High School
Historical Figures Come to Life for High School


Additional Resources

Grade-level specific resources -- including lesson plans, source texts, video content, and access to real-time, virtual demonstration lessons -- are also available for purchase. Click on the links below to access these resources for Pre-K - Grade 12. The link to access the files will be included in your email confirmation.

Note: As of Monday, April 6, the following resources are available: 

  • Pre-K and K: Grade-Level Specific Lesson Plans
  • Elementary School (Grades 1 - 5): Grade-Level Specific Lesson Plans
  • Middle School (Grades 6 - 8): Source Text (Full-Length Script) and Virtual Demo Lesson 
  • High School (Grades 9 - 12): Source Text (Full-Length Script) and Virtual Demo Lesson

More content will be added weekly.

$10 per individual teacher
$100 per school (for school-wide use)
$300 per district (for district-wide use)




The Alliance Theatre is committed to partnering with schools and districts to support student learning and teacher professional development during this challenging time. If there is any way the Institute can support your child(ren) or classroom, please contact: 

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Hallie Angelella,
Elementary School: Rebecca Pogue,
Middle and High School: Liz Davis,


As a non-profit organization, the Alliance Theatre is committed to its mission of expanding hearts and minds, on stage and off.  Please help support our efforts to continue this mission even in such difficult times as these when we are unable to gather in person. Please consider a donation. Whether you give $5, $50, or $500, know that your investment will help us continue to create material that connects our community and cultivates curiosity and compassion in our audience.  


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