Drama Partners

Drama Partners encompasses many engaging programs for 2nd - 8th grade students. All Drama Partners residencies have 10 in-class sessions co-taught by a teaching artist and the classroom teacher. Three planning sessions provide opportunities for the teacher and teaching artist to collaborate on learning goals and standards and to devise and refine lesson and unit plans, learning extensions, and assessments.

Teachers identify a content area and standard of focus, and students engage in arts-integrated exercises to achieve proficiency in the selected standards.

Residency options include Reader’s Theater, Process Drama, or Middle School Improv.

  • Reader’s Theater (Grades 2–8) A literacy-based program that uses narrative texts and oral expression to enhance student learning in core content areas through narrative and informational texts. No memorization, costumes, blocking, or special lighting is needed.
  • Process Drama (Grades 2–8) Process Drama is a teaching methodology in which the teacher and the students work together to create an imaginary dramatic world and work within that world to explore a particular problem, situation, theme, or series of related themes, not for a separate audience, but for the benefit of the participants themselves. It affords students the opportunity to personally experience social and emotional issues and connect more deeply to content areas, particularly when studying unfamiliar literature, cultures, or systems.
  • Middle School Improv (Grades 6-8) A collaborative program in which students practice dramatic improvisational techniques, work creatively as an ensemble, and engage with curriculum topics

For more information, contact
2nd-5th Grades: Rebecca Pogue, rebecca.pogue@alliancetheatre.org, 404.733.5329
6th-8th Grades: Liz Davis, liz.davis@woodruffcenter.org, 404.733.5256


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