Ask an Artist

Welcome to Ask an Artist

Each week we'll go behind-the-scenes to give an inside look at the Alliance Theatre. 


Episode 4: How to Build a Set

This episode's focus is on Set Design and Build with Technical Director Ruth Richardson and Scenic Charge Artist Kat Conley.


Episode 3: Favorite Moments in Sound Design

This episode's focus is on Sound Design with Resident Sound Designer Clay Benning and Atlanta artist Kendall Simpson.⁣


Episode 2: How Do You Build a Costume?

This episode's focus is on costumes with Costume Shop Manager Spencer Henderson and Design Assistant Nicole Clockel.⁣


Episode 1: How Do You Cast a Show?

This episode's focus is on casting with BOLD Artistic Director Fellow Tinashe Kajese-Bolden and Producer/Casting Director Jody Feldman.⁣

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