Alliance@work FAQs

What is Alliance​@work? 

Alliance​@work is a corporate professional development training program. Using theatre-based learning strategies, Alliance​@work helps people meet their business objectives by improving their communication and collaboration skills, enhance their emotional intelligence, and create greater professional presence.

What are theatre-based learning strategies?

Alliance​@work adapts the theatre rehearsal process to help people learn while doing. In each session, people will explore concepts "on their feet," discover how to connect those concepts to their work, and practice how to practically apply what they’ve learned to their job-specific goals and objectives. 

Who is Alliance​@work designed for? 

Alliance​@work works across all industries. The team has worked with architects, sales teams, attorneys, professional service providers and even nuclear plant managers. Alliance​@work helps people at all levels in an organization, from the c-suite to front line employees. Alliance​@work is for anyone who wants to increase their competitive advantage by being more present and connected, curious, intentional, and authentic.

Are the sessions off-the-shelf? Do you customize for each client? And how?

Alliance​@work partners with each client to design a customized learning experience that meets their particular needs. These customized experiences incorporate the client’s identified learning objectives and work-specific scenarios.

Why Alliance​@work? 

Alliance​@work offers companies an alternative to the traditional training program. Clients learn while doing – using rehearsal as a tool for transformation and growth. Since 2013, Alliance​@work, from the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre, has helped clients and signature brands nationally and internationally to accelerate leadership development, improve team effectiveness, and shape organizational culture.

Why a theatre approach?

As we connect with each other more and more over digital platforms, and as automation becomes more a part of how we work day-to-day (from manufacturing to professional services), what makes us human is our greatest competitive advantage. 

Theatre artists are constant observers of the 'human condition,' and they use their emotional intelligence to create something special and unique to have people think and feel and respond in very specific ways.

Theatre-based learning strategies lets people practice working with purpose, presence and focus — while maintaining a team’s sense of belonging and togetherness.

What is the Actor’s Tool Kit?

As arithmetic is a fundamental part of algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and geometry, the strategies in the Actor’s Tool Kit are fundamental to creating a powerful and immediate performance — on stage and in business.

The Actor’s Tool Kit helps us work with purpose, presence and focus, while maintaining the team’s sense of belonging and togetherness. You can apply these strategies to all aspects of your business. Use the Actor’s Tool Kit to bring your best self to your work and perform at the top of your game.

What is the price?

Since each Alliance​@work learning experience is customized for the client, the fees are based on the selected content, level of customization, and the number of facilitators/actor coaches needed. For fee information for your experience, contact the Alliance​@work team here.

How many people can participate per session? 

Alliance​@work experiences can be designed for any size audience. Most sessions are designed for 15 – 20 people to allow for greater team learning. For larger groups (50 – 75 participants), sessions are designed with small group breakouts and multiple facilitators.  

How long is each session? 

Alliance​@work content can be adapted to:

  • 1.5 hours - Interactive introduction to concepts
  • Half or full day - Exploration and practical application to participant’s daily practice actual work objectives
  • Multiple days - Deep exploration and practical application and strong connections to clients’ culture, conference objectives or strategic direction

Do you deliver virtually or in-person? 

Alliance​@work can be delivered in both formats.

What are your main areas of learning and development?  

Who are the facilitators? 

Professional actors and directors who have worked with the Alliance Theatre.

Who can I contact for more information? 

For more information contact Julianne Gambert, Alliance​@work Business Development Officer at or fill out this form

Can I refer a business for a future discount? 

Absolutely. You can read more about our referral program here or contact Julianne Gambert, Alliance​@work Business Development Officer at to discuss this opportunity. 

Do you have a full course list? 

Yes. You can browse our full list of courses here


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