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In order to support teachers and caregivers during extended school closures due to COVID-19, the Alliance Theatre Institute is providing free grade-level resources to use in virtual school settings or at home. 
Virtual Resources for Teachers

The Alliance Theatre Institute delivers professional learning for educators and arts integrated classroom instruction for students. Institute programs support school curricula, are designed to meet individual classroom learning goals, are aligned with Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards. Institute programs include professional learning for teachers, collaborative classroom instruction with teachers and teaching artists, and student participation as an audience member at an Alliance Theatre production. One Institute program is nationally affiliated and research based: Georgia Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts. The Alliance Theatre Institute is the embodiment of high quality artistry and instruction and a driving force for making an impact on Georgia’s community of learners.

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» Residency programs

A residency with the Alliance Theatre Institute pairs a professional teaching artist with a classroom teacher. This collaborative model allows the pair to plan lessons and use instructional strategies that address Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Fine Art Standards using arts integration. Alliance Theatre Institute programs support targeted professional learning needs for educators and learning outcomes for students.

» JumpStart Theatre

The Alliance Theatre is pleased to partner with the Educational Theatre Association’s (EdTA) JumpStart Theatre program. The program equips middle school teachers with the skills and resources to produce their school’s first musical through a proven combination of hands-on mentoring and boot-camp style training. EdTA, in collaboration with NYC-based companies iTheatrics and Musical Theatre International (MTI), created JumpStart Theatre, a three-year program which builds sustainable musical theatre programs where none previously existed, and aims to:

  • Engage as many students as possible in all aspects of theatre, preparing them for high school, college, and the workforce by instilling 21st-century skills of collaboration, communication, problem solving, and creativity
  • Provide a practical and effective path to implementation in underserved middle schools nationwide

» Professional Learning Workshops

 An Alliance Theatre Institute workshop is a period of instruction for a targeted teacher group that focuses on specific concepts, skills or techniques. Workshops are offered in 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour formats, depending upon the requirements of the topic and needs of the participants.

» Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference

» Research

The Alliance Theatre Institute engages in a research-based evaluation process to assess the impact, effectiveness, sustainability, and quality of its programs. The strategies allow for the creation of a Responsive Program Cycle that includes listening to student and teacher needs and matching them to Institute programs, training Teaching Artists and educators to deliver high quality programs, and measuring the results in order to increase program effectiveness.

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