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5 Reasons to See Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous

There are countless reasons to see Pearl Cleage's newest play Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous on the brand-new Coca-Cola Stage, running March 20 - April 14. The title alone is a work of art, but we want to make your decision extra easy, so here are the top 5 reasons you should see this (shamelessly) gorgeous show:

1) Because, Pearl.
Jennings Hertz Artistic Director, Susan V. Booth, says it best-
"Pearl Cleage is a poet, activist, novelist, playwright and human antenna of a citizen who channels the maelstrom of a given American moment into language. Very specific language that is neither polemic nor journalism, but language that feels all the world like an overheard conversation between people you want to know. Hers is the language of real people talking about real things, and its got more open doors and windows in it for all of us to walk through than most writers I know. Her characters lay down welcome mats into their fears and their foibles with a kind of vulnerability that inspires me to be a little more honest (and a little less guarded) every time I get to dance with them.This time, we’ll dance with how women feel about their age and how society’s relationship to them changes as they age. We’ll dance with the question of whose voice gets to be heard and when. If you’re fortunate enough not to have to worry about either of those things, lean in anyway – because I’ll bet someone close to you would appreciate you doing so. And if those things resonate with you? There’s a welcome mat with your name on it."

2) Who run the world?
Girls. It's basically an all-women creative team. The unparalleled Susan V. Booth leads the helm as director right after an exciting run of Ever After. The shamelessly gorgeous costumes designed by Kara Harmon (who also worked on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Daredevil," and "Boardwalk Empire,") melt into the scenery of a hotel room set here in Atlanta that may seem a bit familiar to you, designed by the brilliant Collette Pollard (Alliance: Geller Girls, Good People, and The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls; Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre Company). The lighting design of Michelle Habeck (Broadway: Thoroughly Modern Millie; MCC Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre) provides a polished context for the lessons that come with searching for a common ground between generations. And designing the sound is Resident Sound Designer Clay Benning, who is not a woman, but whom we love.

3) Atlanta is the sauce.
Atlanta. The city of dreams. The city of great theatre. And the city where this play is set. It's exciting to see our home represented on stage and to recognize local staples. (Spoiler: someone climbs on top of the Margaret Mitchell House and sings a song.) Atlanta has a penchant for artistic activism, and we get the opportunity to see this up close and personal by staying close to our roots. We will all feel like a fly on the wall.

4) Indulge us while we name-drop.
There is a lot of talent jam-packed into this show. Terry Burrell (Alliance: Ever After, Hospice + Pointing at the Moon) as Anna Campbell; Je Nie Fleming (Alliance: A Christmas Carol; Bike America) as Kate; Marva Hicks (Broadway: Motown the Musical; Caroline, or Change) as Betty Samson; and Ericka Ratcliff (Alliance: A Midsummer Night’s Dream) as Pete round out a tremendous ensemble. Each actor gets their chance to shine providing you with laughter, truth, and maybe even a few tears. The star-power in this one alone could solve any energy crisis, making this a very special occasion.

5) A play so grand that only the Coca-Cola Stage could handle it.
Remember that huge renovation we've been talking about for years? The Coca-Cola Stage? Well, it is complete and we have reclaimed it as our home. With state-of-the-art technology designed to enhance acoustics and a more intimate seating chamber to create truly shared experiences, Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous will be the first world premiere in the momentous space. 

Sounds like a good time, right? We'll see you there! Get your tickets here.

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