Free Family Storytelling Workshop, ages 2-5


  • Experience the joy of acting in a supportive environment 
  • Introduce yourself to this art form through our practical hands-on approach to acting 
  • Discover all of the educational opportunities offered at the Alliance Theatre
  • Participate in fun acting exercises that promise to inspire you
  • This free workshop offers prospective students the opportunity to learn about the program and participate in a class

Duration: 1 hour

Meet the Teacher

Mari Martinez

Mari Martinez is a teaching artist who just completed her Masters program in Educational Theatre at City College of New York. The last six years she has lived in New York City, where she has worked with The Director’s Guild of America in various TV and film productions, an Assistant Kindergarten Teacher and a Teaching Artist with EnAct! She is excited to be back in Atlanta after 10 years and to live her passion of bringing theater, creativity and new opportunities to children.

Alliance Theatre

The Alliance Theatre is the lead producing theatre in the Southeast, creating the powerful experience of shared theatre for diverse people on two stages. We value excellence, pursued with integrity and creativity, and achieved through collaboration. We deliver powerful programming that challenges adult and youth audiences to think critically and care deeply.
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