What We are Thankful for in 2020


In a year full of both tragedy and innovation, we are all more thankful now than ever. Here are are few responses from our staff and fans to the prompt, "What are you thankful for?"



"Thankful that theater is coming back and I work with people smart enough to make it happen"

Ken M.

"Thankful for weighted blankets, luxury candles, and the You’re Wrong About podcast, which has helped relax me from the stress and horror of living in 2020"

Patrick M.

"I'm thankful for friendships that deepened throughout this year, in spite of all of the craziness!"

Ashley E. 

"I’m thankful for puzzles, compassion, science, and a working water heater!"

Danielle H.

"I'm thankful for courage and tenacity - the courage and tenacity I see manifesting in so many people and in so many ways right now. I'm thankful that one very small act of hope brought me big love in the middle of the pandemic. I'm thankful that technology has allowed for some meaningful connection during these past eight months. I'm thankful that I get to work with people who ask what we're thankful for."

Caitlin W. 

"I'm thankful for restaurant takeout and Christmas movies!"

A'riel T. 


"I'm thankful for propane heat, snow shovels, and chihuahua sized sweaters."

Sam P.


"I'm thankful for a 50 ft. leash so my dog can run to his heart's desire since we can't go to the dog park, Old Forge pizza, and getting to spend two months in Baltimore with my parents and brother."

Hallie A. 


"I am thankful for more time working from my porch and watching the birds and the full life cycle of the leaves."

Collins D. 


"'Being Alive' Oh, and Sondheim too"

Paul C. on Facebook


"Lots of things but also that I got to see Maybe Happy Ending before everything shut down."

Richard L. on Facebook


"Staying healthy"

@jaaaaaaaaaayy on Instagram


"WhatsApp & unlimited data"

@alwysmoe on Instagram


"Being able to elevate voices of fellow performers on my new podcast!"

@mady_kay on Instagram


"That I've been able to safely do theatre at school this year!!"

@gracie.r0 on Instagram 


"Ride the Cyclone"

@kelsey_bingham_ on Instagram


"A safe daycare environment, for so many reasons"

@howekelsey on Instagram 


"The strength and ability to wake up with a positive mindset"

@joshuavmontague on Instagram 


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