Teen Ensemble Reviews Steel Magnolias

Our teen ensemble had the opportunity to see Steel Magnolias and share their thoughts.  Read what they had to say:

Having never before seen Steel Magnolias, I think that any other interpretations will fall short after watching the amazing cast of the Alliance's production. Their comedic timing was excellent, and even the characters that lean a bit more toward caricatures in the script, such as Annelle, were played as fleshed-out characters that I genuinely felt for. The cast was equally adept with their funnier and the more serious moments, especially near the ending; both Annelle's and M'Lynn's monologues concerning Shelby had me in tears and were easily the best moments in the show. The actors made good use of the fantastic set, including the changes to the cyc to show the passage of time. I especially loved all the quirky Christmas decorations in one scene, and I applaud the design team for their attention to detail throughout the set. I love that the director made sure that the actors had plenty of stage business with all the little odds and ends present in Truvy's beauty parlor. It helped establish how comfortable each character felt in the space and in turn welcomed me into the story as well.
Shelby B.
Steel Magnolias at The Alliance was a beautiful collaboration of arts that was brought to life on the stage. Immediately sitting down in the theatre you notice the beautiful set. It really takes you into the salon in this small town. Each character is acted magnificently by the cast of Becky Ann Baker, Beth Broderick, Mary Pat Gleason, Deirdre Lovejoy, Sarah Stiles, and Zoe Winters. I especially enjoyed the direction of Anelle (Sarah Stiles).  She began the play as very quiet and reserved, but the transformation of her character over the course of the play was astounding. I very much enjoyed the fall scenes as the backdrop of the shop and I thought the lighting was fantastic. I heavily recommend seeing this show to see this wonderful collaboration of art. 
Samantha M.

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