Choir Boy

Teen Ensemble Reviews Choir Boy

Our Teen Ensemble was in the audience for the first performance of Choir Boy, the critically acclaimed new play by MacArthur Fellow Tarell Alvin McCraneyChoir Boy tells the story of Pharus, who wants nothing more than to lead the school's gospel choir.  Pharus’s confidence, charisma, clarity of purpose, and talent hide the struggle he endures at school.  The choir is where Pharus can stand out and be different without fear – because he’s the best.  Here is what one of our teens thought about the production:

Choir Boy is not simply a coming of age story. Choir Boy is a beautifully crafted script performed by painstakingly talented actors with phenomenal voices. The play moved me in a way that I still don’t understand, the way it toys with human empathy is incomprehensible. From the opening scene I was shivering, shaking and covered in goose bumps, and by the end I was crying. I realized that even though my mind was not immediately aware of the affect it had on me, my body was. The play followed the many characters and story lines flawlessly all tied together with the best scene changes I have ever seen. Once the play was over it made me want to work, jump, and improve myself because a great piece of theatre not only stirs up your emotions, it sets you into action. And Choir Boy set me into action. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. People need to see this play, not simply for entertainment but to open minds and hearts. The world is made a better place with shows like this.

Delly Fears
10th grade, Atlanta Girls School

Choir Boy runs on the Hertz Stage now through October 13.  Tickets are available at

Pictured Above - John Stewart and Jeremy Pope. Photo by Greg Mooney. 



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