Teen Ensemble Reviews Bull Durham

Don't miss your chance to see Bull Durham, now in its final weekend.  Hear what our teen ensemble members have to say about the show:

Holy baseball! What a show! Bull Durham is definite must see. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage for fear I'd miss the next stage antic. The ensemble was so fantastic it could have stolen the show, had it not been matched with a just as phenomenal group of principal and supporting characters.  The show was well cast to say the least, and I personally thought the coaches were spot on in their roles (everyone was really, but they just stood out to me). This show is just plain fun to watch and I would see it over and over again, because I feel like anything could happen every time. 
Alishia Patricio
12th grade, South Paulding High School
I thought Bull Durham was amazing. It kept you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end. The story line was very sophisticated and was not long and drawn out like most musicals. The actors were fantastic especially the ensemble. Coming from a musical theater background with heavy ensemble work, this show showed me how I could improve the ensemble were sometimes even more interesting than the scene on stage they were not pulling focus but their story was just as interesting. Overall the show was great. Some things that you think they could work on is sound there was a few times when someone's mic was not on when they had lines but I know it was just a preview so I know it is fixed now. Again and again I keep saying this was a fantastic show I am even paying money to see it again.  
Charles Ellerby
12th grade, Tri-cities High School
Bull Durham was a theatrical marvel. Every aspect of the show was engaging. The musical numbers were fantastic, with excellent vocals and superb choreography. Honestly, I spent the entire show clenching my hands to the arm chairs waiting for one of the tons of bats to fall on the ground, and none of them did. NONE. There were SO MANY BAT TOSSES. Amazing. The acting was so realistic and humorous that I was never bored, I felt like the play began and ended far too soon because I enjoyed it so much. I loved this show, from the plot, to the songs, to the set and choreography and acting and every component.
Delly Fears
11th grade, Atlanta Girls School
Recently more than ever, turning every classic movie into a big hit musical has been very popular. Having seen the movie before the preview, I was very interested to see if this endeavor would prove itself to be successful as well as entertaining. I'll admit that I was not at first hooked yet as the show progressed I couldn't help but to admire each character. From comedic come backs to love, and innuendos to baseball, the cast, crew, and direction were all spectacular. 
Jessie Broz
12th grade, Hillgrove High School
When asking the people who saw Bull Durham with me what they thought of the show, the common answer was “I love it!” I feel the exact same way about this musical. So many different factors put into this production are what made it so attractive and amazing. The sets and props, the choreography, the musical score, the dialogue, and actors all contributed to my liking of this show. 
I saw the show twice and had a different perspective on both. The first time I saw it, I was on ground level and it had been my first time seeing it. The second time I saw it; I sat in the balcony and thought I knew what to expect. While seeing the show again, everything seemed so new and refreshing. It was as if I was seeing the same show, but with added surprises and different choices. The one consistent factor was the energy, emotion, and charm that the show radiated. In the different groups I came with to see Bull Durham, they all felt the same ecstatic vibe.
The interactive set up that they had upstairs was extremely cool! I thought it was really interesting to have a display of stuff to further adapt the history behind the main topic of the musical. The Wii with baseball also helped set a fun atmosphere. Overall, that aspect really made you feel ready to watch a musical about baseball.
I absolutely loved the technical part of Bull Durham too. From Annie’s house to the bar they frequented, everything was so well decorated, yet natural. The different lighting choices throughout the musical also helped really set the tone and mood of a scene. A particularly interesting and strong choice was the spotlights in the bar. When one group was speaking, the lights were specifically highlighting the audience’s attention to a certain spot. The characters that weren’t under the spotlight were still entirely engaged with the scene. That leads me to my point of ensemble work. Everyone in the ensemble was persistent in keeping their character alive and animated even when not directly focused on. That allowed the scenes to look that much more natural and realistic.
The music and choreography was great too. I find myself humming and singing the songs regularly. My favorite scene for choreography and music was in scene nine when they did “Winning”. Not only is the song extremely catchy, but the choreography and movement was high-paced and energetic. I loved each time they got into the bus. The sequence and movements were so pronounced and had such strong choices even for them to be confined to a bus setting. My favorite part was when they were playing the music and there were four males that each did something different with their bat but they all fell in rhythm on a four count. Little things like that really tied together the music with the choreography for me and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect.
The writing for this show was so spectacular because it was right up the alley with the speech of today. It was all so relatable because of the references it made to everyday people, places, themes, and situations. It was easy to understand and comprehend, yet had a sophisticated nature of highly, and well thought dialogue. You could see someone having these conversations with another person and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.
The last thing to top my sundae was the characters and acting. Taking acting classes at my high school has made me notice several inconsistencies in television blocking and acting, and makes several shows that I’ve seen difficult to watch without critiquing. While watching this show, I didn’t have any of that. I was able to watch Bull Durham twice through without thinking of one evaluation of character connection and could wholly enjoy the performance for what it’s worth. The characters were so enthralling and had such good chemistry. There were several moments in which you could sympathize or empathize with how the person was feeling just by a slight movement indicating body language or facial reaction. It wasn’t a matter of putting on a front for everyone to see. It was like real people in real situations. I commend that because so many television shows and movies have fallen into the trap of “And now I am acting.” Whereas seeing this live, you get an actual sense of real people living the lives of the aging baseball catcher, or the romantically unstable woman. Everyone had a voice that spoke who they were and not who they were trying to be.
Kyla Hunter
10th grade, Pebblebrook High School
Bull Durham was a truly unique show that perfectly executed the balance between poignancy and fun. The musical incorporated catchy songs and impeccable choreography that kept even scene changes hilarious, and by the end of the show the audience was inspired to dance and sing along. The sets were also remarkable and really added to the whole experience of the show with clever scene changes, distinctive lighting choices, and time period decorations. Overall, this show was exceptional and was an amazing adaption of a movie to a musical! 
Rachel Platt
11th grade, Atlanta Girls School
I absolutely loved Bull Durham. The chemistry between the main characters is so palpable that you forget that you're watching a musical, and the dance numbers-often including twirling baseball bats high into the air- are all impeccable. It's a musical that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still deals with some serious topics. From a slow-motion fight to the hilarious set changes, there a lot of little details put into the show that will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. However, Bull Durham addresses topics such as allowing your dreams to change and evolve as you get older and not allowing other people's opinions of yourself to change what you want to do, which will leave you considering how you view others and yourself. Bull Durham is a fantastic show from beginning to end, and you'll find yourself wishing it wasn't over so soon.
Shelby Bice
12th grade, Kennesaw Mountain High School

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