Membership FAQ's

Membership FAQ's

What’s the difference between the new annual memberships and season tickets?  
  • Memberships provide a new level of flexibility for theater patrons. Members can select any date and time that fits their schedule and Alliance Theatre will automatically reserve the best available seats for that show.  
  • Plus, patrons no longer have to wait for the following season to sign up. Sign up at any time throughout the year and experience 12 months of Alliance Theatre productions. 
  • Memberships select best available seats at time of redemption. Season tickets have an assigned seat, date, & time all season.  
Are season tickets still available? 
  • Traditional season ticket packages are only available for renewals to existing season ticket members. All new patrons can sign up for a new annual membership! 
Can you mix & match annual memberships with student or young professional memberships? 
  • Yes! Add whichever combination of memberships best fits your group’s needs to your cart.
What payment options exist? 
  • Members can pay-in-full during checkout. To set up monthly payments, please call our Season Tickets & Memberships Office at 404.733.4600.
Does this include the Kathy & Ken Bernhardt Theatre for the Very Young? 
How many shows are included? 
  • 8-10 shows. The exact number of shows may vary based on timing of when the membership is purchased.  
When does the membership start?
  • Your membership starts the day you sign up and lasts for 12 months.  
  • Due to COVID-19, memberships purchased now will begin on the first public performance date after reopening.  
How do I reserve my tickets to a show?  
  1. Select the show. Choose a date and time. Pick your preferred seats (or General Admission for Hertz).
  2. Log in to your account so that we know not to charge you again.
  3. Finalize the checkout process and your tickets will be emailed to you or accessible in the Alliance Theatre app.  
Can I use the tickets across multiple days? What if I want to come again? 
  • If you have multiple tickets on your account, you may redeem them for any combination of days and performances. For example: If you have 4 tickets in your membership, you can use them all for the same show or mix & match such as 2 for Saturday and the other 2 for Sunday.  
What if I want to bring a friend? Can I add on tickets to a show?
  • Yes! Members receive special pricing on additional tickets. 
Can I exchange my tickets if I change my mind?
Does membership automatically renew? 
  • For your convenience, your membership will automatically renew one year from when it began. If you would like to cancel your membership before renewal, please contact our Season Tickets & Memberships Office at 404.733.4600 at least 30 days before.
Who do I contact if I need help?


I want to be a member.


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