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Make Your Own Non-Virtual Cocktail for We're Still Here: A Virtual Cabaret

Here's what you need to know:

Last week Courtenay Collins kicked off WE'RE STILL HERE: A VIRTUAL CABARET and it was top-five coziest moments of this weird social distancing time. If you missed it, don't fret. Terry Burrell and Courtenay switch off every other week, which means Terry hosts this week's cabaret live from her living room. (RSVP here.) They sing songs, tell stories, and drink cocktails. You just can't beat that.

And lucky for you, they've each shared their cocktail recipe of choice and we're going to share them with you here. Bottoms up! 

Courtenay Collins's QUARANTORANGEY

7 oz. orange-flavored vodka
7 oz. cranberry juice cocktail
(note: Courtenay uses Diet Cranberry to pretend she's on a diet)
4 oz. fresh lime juice
egg white

Mix all ingredients in a chilled martini shaker
Add ice and shake for at least 30 seconds
(or until you feel you have gotten a really good upper arm workout)
Strain into festive martini glass
Share or drink it all by yourself!

A Terry Burrell Original UNCLE CECIL'S RUM PUNCH

2 bottles of rum
(way too much)
1 bottle of rum
(kidneys hurt already)
4 oz. dark or spiced rum
(maybe 2 oz. more)
8 oz. greep-grapefru-grapefruiti juice
1 or 2 - angustura-anghostura-angostura - Angostura bitters

Purr over ishe an drank den drank sum mo' (hic)

Courtenay Collins's SWEET GINTEANIE

1 quart sweet tea
1 whole fresh lemon - squeezed
8 oz. gin
6-8 mint leaves
lemon slices for garnish

Put ice and 1 mint leaf in a glass - muddle together
Mix tea, lemon juice, & gin together in a pitcher
Pour over muddled mint ice
Garnish with lemon slice
Serve in highball glass (serves 6)

Terry Burrell's DARK AND STORMY

2 oz. Goslings or Myers dark rum – or whatevah you think they don’t know is hiding in yo’ cabinet. Ya lush….
5 oz. GINGER BEER – put a piece o ginger in da Heineken if you ain’t gots no Ginger Beer
LIME WEDGE – or use lime hair dye if Publix ain’t got none cuz’ you craze

Drank tree glissses..and save one fer meeee (hic)

Courtenay Collins's SUMMER LEMON

6 oz. Lemonade (I use Crystal Light because it’s sugar free)
3 oz. vodka
Splash of Fresca or Lime Perrier
Lemons for garnish 

Pour over ice and drink while fanning yourself with a real fan and channelling your best Blanche Dubois because you’ve “always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

Terry Burrell's DA BRUTHA-MAN

(originally made for Terry by her better half Stephen…after two or three….drinks!)

1 or 1 /2  jiggers of Bacardi Limon…aww make it 2
Dash or 2 of Chambourd
Squeeze of Lime
Place it all in a martini shaker full of ice
Shake then pour in a frosted martini glass… caution… don’t drink more than two but if ya really don’t want to be where you’re at… then drink six !!!!


See you Thursday!


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