(Knock, Knock) the Sounds of Winter

Presented by Alliance Theatre Kathy & Ken Bernhardt Theatre for the Very Young

Come in from out of the cold and celebrate community, family, and warmth! Welcome to The Apartment Building. Below us, above us, and beside us, the residents are preparing and trying to stay warm. Join us on a floor to floor adventure, meeting and celebrating with a variety of friends who all call The Apartment Building home. Surprises hide behind each door — all you need to do is (Knock, Knock) and listen closely.

Part of Toddler Takeover & Pre-K Playfest. Includes 4 video episodes, 4 audio episodes, and activity guide.  

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Creative Team

Written & Directed by Samantha Provenzano and Olivia Aston Bosworth
Original music and Sound Design by Multiband Studios
Apartment designed by Acheson Walsh Studios
Digital design by Talia Bromstad
Video editing by Jay Batchler
Line Producer: Chris Moses
First AD: Kendra Johnson

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