Humans of the Alliance Theatre: Collins Goss

Collins Goss, Grants Manager

Without using the words in your job title, what do you do at the Alliance? 
"I write and administer all of our foundation and government grants, sorry it's hard to talk about this without using the word 'grant.' I'm also kind of a repository of information, so I have to be able to talk about the Alliance from a super high-up view of all the things we do and be able to present them in as few words as humanly possible. And sometimes it's in a few words, sometimes visual aids. And sometimes I zoom into way into a particular program and get granular. I  kind of steal everyone else's stats and then use them to tell the story that needs to be told."

How did you get involved with theatre?
"Probably like most people, I started in high school. My friends were in the one-act plays or the spring musical, so I thought, 'Ok sure.' I did the literary competition because Lord knows I couldn't jump hurdles or play basketball. Then I went to college and because English was my first love, I majored in English and theatre. I didn't want to just do the acting track or just do the design track, so I did a little bit of everything and that's how I landed on arts management and went to grad school in Alabama for it. I'm University of Georgia born and bred, one of those crazy dynasty families, so to be able to say 'Roll Tide' took about six months before not wanting to throw up a little."

What's your first theatre-related memory?
I grew up in South Georgia, and as part of your music class that you took once a week, they would do some type of play every year. Every child had to get up and say some type of speaking part, so I always remember doing those. Everyone has to wear a costume that your mother made for you and it was adorable. By 5th grade it wasn't quite as cute, but that's neigher here nor there."

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