Gifts of stock

When making gifts of stock and securities to the Alliance Theatre, please follow the instructions below.

Please send written instructions to your broker of your gift specifying that it is to be a charitable contribution to:

  • Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center, Inc.
  • The Federal Tax ID is 58-0633971.

In your written instructions, please request donor data, such as first and last name, as well as to which division of the Woodruff Arts Center the gift is intended (Alliance Theatre in this case), to be transmitted with the securities. This will ensure that your gift is processed and given to the appropriate division in a timely manner.

Your broker may transfer securities to our account (under The Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center, Inc.) at:

Brokerage: State Street
Broker: Fred Menis
Address: State Street Financial Center, One Lincoln Street, Boston, MA 02111
Account #: AB2 037220
DTC #: 0226


So that the Woodruff Arts Center may know when to expect the transfer, please send your instructions to Brandon Brown by mail, fax, or email: 

Woodruff Arts Center
ATTN: Brandon Brown
1280 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Fax: 404.733.5294
Phone: 404.733.4866

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