FAQs for Renewed Season Ticket Holders


Q: Can I keep the season tickets package I’ve already purchased?
  • This season we’ve come up with creative solutions to produce theater in a way that keeps our audiences safe!  To do this, we will not be offering fixed-seated season tickets packages for the Coca-Cola Stage.  We will be producing most of our shows as general admission performances on the Coca-Cola Stage to allow for strategically distanced seating, meaning we won’t be offering a Hertz Stage season tickets package. 
Q: What are my options this year?
  • We’re happy to offer all our renewed season ticket holders a membership.  The Annual Membership ($250) gives you access to ALL our productions in a twelve-month period beginning with the first show of the season, as well as free access to all our virtual content.  Memberships also include special benefits including members-only events, a welcome gift, discounts, and date and seating flexibility.  Additional package options include a 3-Play Package ($75) and a 6-Play Package ($125). 
Q: What if I choose a package that costs less than what I’ve already spent on my season tickets?
  • If you still have money remaining on your account after selecting your membership or package for the season, you may donate the remainder to the Theatre as a tax deductible donation, roll your balance forward towards your season tickets or membership for the 2021/22 season, or apply the value toward a gift certificate to be used at a later date. 
Q: What if I don’t want to convert my season tickets to a membership?
  • If you’re unable to join us this season, we hope you’ll consider keeping the value of your season tickets package on your account until next season.  As soon as we’re able to safely regather in person, we will be eager to reinstate your season tickets package including any fixed seats and dates included with your package.  Because you renewed your season tickets during our no-risk blind renewal period, we’re also happy to refund the value of your season tickets package.  Please reach out to allianceinfo@alliancetheatre.org to request your refund. 
Q: Will I be able to go back to my season tickets package next year?
  • For Coca-Cola Stage Series and Hertz Stage Series: As soon as we’re able to safely regather without social distancing protocols, we will be eager to reinstate your season tickets package including any fixed seats and dates included with your series. 
  • For Create Your Own, Impromptu Pass, and Play X Play members: these packages are permanently transitioning to memberships.  Memberships provide the benefits, pricing, and flexibility you’re looking for.

Learn more about Memberships here – www.alliancetheatre.org/memberships.  


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