Creating Cultures of Respect and Civility

This Alliance@work theatre-based learning experience will set a mindset for fostering a culture of respect and civility. Using theater as a tool for learning and transformation, Alliance@work help you:

• Define how power and status are presented and perceived

• Identify how individual power and status can be limited by others

• Recognize how awareness and intention drive individual behavior and influence

corporate culture



A national spotlight has exposed the damaging impact of hostile work environments. Existing harassment training is not working. Research shows that typical training formats:

• Make people uncomfortable and prompt defensive jokes

• Reinforce gender stereotypes (powerful man and vulnerable women)

• Label people as harassers or victims



Theater offers a truthful examination of how human behavior impacts our life and work. Through this creative process, participants learn to use the Actor’s Toolkit (being present, connected and authentic) to:

• Navigate power dynamics

• Identify behavior patterns

• Challenge assumptions

• Effectively respond to difficult situations



• Better understanding of harassment

• Awareness of organizational core values

• Identification of company policies

• Understanding of reporting process

• Increased empathy and trust

• Greater sense of belonging

• Ability to have good and helpful conversations

• Tools and strategies to maintain healthy work environments

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