Atlanta Business Chronicle Calls Warrior Class "Best Thing in Atlanta"

Time Out writer and critic Eleanor Ringel Cater has reviewed the Alliance's production of Warrior Class for the Atlanta Business Chronicle.  Here are a few things she had to say:

Warrior Class, currently on the Alliance's Hertz Stage, may be the best thing I've seen on stage in Atlanta in years.  If you have any interest in excellent writing or backroom politics or superb performances, you must go.  The play was written by Kenneth Lin, a former Kendeda winner and current staff writer for "House of Cards" (which this show could well be an episode of; it's that good).  Clayton Landey, Moses Villarama and Carrie Walrond Hood, under the expert direction of Eric Ting, bring to stunning life three characters caught in the vise of an imperfect past, a delicately balanced present and what could be a promising future.  Landey is a political slickster whose new "client" is a fast-rising Asian-American (Villarama) with a shot at Congress.  You really need to see this.  Runs through November 17.

Don't miss your chance to see Warrior Class, on the Hertz Stage now - www.alliancetheatre.org/warriorclass

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