Arts In Education Week is This Week!

In July of 2010, the United States House of Representative passed House Resolution 275 designating the second week of September to be “Arts in Education week.” The Alliance Theatre is proud to celebrate National Arts in Education Week, September 13-19, 2015. We are excited to shine the spotlight on our Education programs throughout the week and in particular where our programs align with the recommendations made by the Governor Nathan Deal’s Arts Learning Task Force.
The H. Con. R. 275 states, “Whereas art is integral to the lives of many United States citizens and can improve the vitality of communities and the Nation; and Whereas the week beginning on the second Sunday of September would be an appropriate week to designate as Arts in Education Week: Now, therefore, be it.”
View the HR275 Arts in Education resolution here.
Through our outstanding programming we reach students of all ages through many different avenues; this week we are sharing some very specific examples of how our programs already align with the four themes constructed for the Governor’s Arts Learning Task Force recommendations: Access to Arts Learning, Quality Arts Instruction, Support for Effective Arts Learning, and Resourceful and Innovative Approaches to Arts Learning.  
For more resources and information about how you can support National Arts in Education Week, check out or follow the hashtag #ArtsEdWeek!

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