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8 Things to Know About Memberships

1. It's new. Brand new. Like super new.


2. You get EVERY show for 12 months. (Seriously)


3. That means 12 months of new works. Award-winning shows. Pre-Broadway debuts. And so much more.


4. It's loaded with extra perks & benefits. Feeling inspired after the show? Sign up for an acting class with preferred member pricing.


5. You'll get access to behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen Alliance Theatre footage on our new digital streaming platform - Alliance Theatre Anywhere.


6. A lot is up in the air, huh? Pick the shows and times that work for you.


7. There are options for families, young professionals, and students too.


8. Feels good to be a part of something. And in this case- the Alliance Theatre fam.



Memberships are here. Join us.


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