6 Questions with Cinderella

As a spunky gal in touch with nature in the kingdom of Kashoogie, India S. Tyree portrays a unique Cinderella in the world-premiere production of Cinderella and Fella. In between performances, India took a few minutes to give us the inside scoop on her role in the musical. 

What has the process been like creating a brand new musical?
It has been so refreshing and fulfilling. Since this is a new work, I had the opportunity to contribute to who Cinderella is and been able to put a stamp on the story that no one else can take away or duplicate. Overall, I feel fulfilled as an artist. 

What is exciting about this show/story or about playing this character?
The exciting thing about this character is her connection to nature. Cinderella lives outside while her step family lives in a Tiny Home. I am so in sync with Cinderella—growing up in a small country town in Virginia allowed me connect with the outside world. Playing outside is what my sisters, cousins and I looked the most forward to. This show directly references things that I did growing up (playing in mud, sharing the taste of sweet honeysuckle, catching lighting bugs in a jar with holes in the top, gazing at their magic). This show is going to remind everyone about how fun it is to be outside and explore the magic of nature. 

Do you have a favorite song or scene in the show?
My favorite scene from the show is the outside scene with Prince Maurice, where I explore and teach him about outside. I enjoy experiencing the audience's reaction when they help the lightning bugs to help Prince Maurice find his way back home.  

Do you have any pre-show rituals to prepare for the show?
Before the show, I always make sure I have to water stocked up on each side of the stage, but most importantly I pray and reminiscence on how blessed I am to share my gift.

Why should people see the musical?
It is unlike any other telling of Cinderella. No wand. No pumpkin. It is an explosion of an unveiling of magic that truly exists in and around us. 

If you could give any type of advice to your younger self, what would it be?|
If I could give any advice to my younger self, it would be to always be yourself and don't let anyone else persuade you to be otherwise.  

by A'riel Tinter, Brand Journalist


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