Janece Shaffer

Janece is an award-winning and nationally produced playwright who has written more than a dozen works, including seven Alliance Theatre world premieres. Her credits include The Geller Girls (Alliance Theatre, Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award); Broke (Alliance Theatre, Gene-Gabriel Moore Best New Play Award); Managing Maxine (commissioned by the Alliance Theatre, Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award, later produced at the Asolo Repertory in Sarasota, Fla., and Human Race Theatre) in Dayton, Ohio; Brownie Points (Theatrical Outfit, Gene-Gabriel Moore Best New Play Award, later produced at Seattle’s Taproot Theater and Lamb’s Players Theatre in San Diego); Bluish; and He Looks Great in a Hat. Shaffer will present her Cinderella and Fella for the Alliance Family Series in March. She gives special thanks to the Troubadour team, including Kristian Bush and Susan Booth for embracing the rhinestone, and to her family – who is always up for the ride! 

Director of Communications, The NAMES Project Foundation

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Courtenay's Cookies
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