Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab call for submissions

All Atlanta-area theatre artists are eligible to submit a project as a lead artist to the fourth year of the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab. The Reiser Lab seeks to foster the growth of individual artists and collaborative projects by providing an artistic home, artistic counsel, financial resources, and a showcase opportunity. The Lab is available for artists of any practice – actor, director, designer, writer, composer – to develop a project that will allow him/her to showcase their work for potential producers and collaborators.

The projects will be judged by a panel of judges comprised of Susan Booth, Jennings Hertz Jr. Artistic Director; Mary Lynn Owen, Round 3 artist; Michael Haverty, Co-Artistic Director at 7 Stages; Will Power, playwright and performer; and Atiba Mbiwan, Associate Director of the Zeist Foundation. Please note that 4 of the 5 judges change from round to round and that the Alliance Theatre's Susan Booth casts only one of five votes for project inclusion.

Three projects will be given $10,000 in development support culminating in a public showcase of the artists and their work in spring of 2017. The project artists will also have access to the Alliance staff for casting, dramaturgical, management and production advice, and mentoring. Each project will also have access to space at the Alliance for rehearsal.

It is the goal of the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab to celebrate the breadth and vision of Atlanta-based artists, to encourage collaboration among Atlanta’s artistic community, and to seed projects that will be produced here in Atlanta. Each project will be considered for the Alliance’s season planning process. Artists who are not playwrights are strongly encouraged to be lead artists! 

Please keep in mind that the application will be read with the following questions in mind: What is the viability of the ideas and goals of this project? Do the artists involved make sense and have creative chemistry as a team? What is the quality of the work sample? What is the strength of the application as a piece of grantsmanship? Is the described product producible? Does the project allow the artists involved access to new resources?

Please note that the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab is devoted to taking projects and artists to the next level of development and is not a showcase for completed work.


Submission due date: Friday, December 15, 2017


Please submit one electronic copy and five hard copies (three-hole punched) of all application materials and work samples, unless work samples only exist in an electronic format. Please do not bind materials except with binder clips or inside three-ring binders. If dropping off applications in person, please give them to the concierge on the ground floor of the Woodruff Arts Center or place them in the dropbox outside the "old" Education suite on the third floor of the Woodruff Arts Center.

Applications can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Once completed, submit to:
Atlanta Artists Lab
Attention: Celise Kalke
1280 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309


  • Each project must include participation by a minimum of three Atlanta-based artists including a lead artist. Artists can serve on projects as actors, playwrights, designers, directors, dramaturgs, producers, composers, musicians or stage managers. Other multidisciplinary artists are encouraged to apply, though we ask that the tie to theatre be explained in the project description application. Musical projects are encouraged to apply! 
  • "Atlanta-based" is defined as having an address no more than 30 miles from the Woodruff Arts Center (1280 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309).
  • Atlanta-based artists approached about multiple projects must choose only one application in which to take part.
  • Projects may be previously produced or classic work, but the particular point of view/approach for this project should be articulated.
  • Projects do not have to be text based. If text based, the text does not need to be finished at the time of application.
  • Projects may be new works created by writers, ensembles, directors, or other means of devising work.
  • In addition to the project description, every project should include a work sample, which could be a script but could also be pictures or video clips. Critical writing about work or reviews—especially for directors, designers, and actors—could be included as a work sample. Artists other than playwrights are encouraged to submit whatever samples will best introduce their work to the panel and creativity is encouraged.
  • Please pick small samples that give a sense of artistry and vision.
  • Please include an electronic copy of a full script if it exists.
  • Please do not submit materials that need to be returned to you unless the return is arranged with Celise Kalke or Emily Kleypas ahead of application submission.
  • Project budgets should be used to develop projects and artists as artists see fit. For example, the budget may be used to help one artist develop the work; or project budgets may fund more deeply produced workshops with all three artists working together the entire time.
  • Travel for research or mentorship may be included in the overall project budget, but a travel component is not necessary or particularly desirable.
  • The submitted budget is a starting place for project growth and projects may evolve or change their project budgets during the development phase. The $10,000 seed money does not need to cover the total costs of a project if other funds are available.
  • Alliance artistic staff members can answer questions about project budgets.
  • Projects about Atlanta will not be prioritized over other projects.
  • Participants in the third Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab or Atlanta Artists Fellows program are ineligible to apply again until Round 5. Participation is defined as having been part of a selected application.
  • Please note that applicants who applied in rounds 1—3 are strongly encouraged to apply again. Also note that each year's panel has four out of five new members and that panels interpret the judging criteria with some flexibility year over year.
  • Please think about and articulate the growth trajectory of your work. The Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab is committed to artist and work development and is not designed as only a performance showcase.

Budget guidelines

  • The Alliance will pay for one day of actor fees as well as completely covering stage management and personnel for running lights and sound as needed for the final showcase. These showcase costs do not need to be included in the project budget.
  • The Alliance will provide free space as available for workshop and development work of all three projects. Projects may use other rehearsal space as desired and/or needed.
  • The Alliance Theatre will provide dramaturgical and casting support for each project.
  • High production values are not a criteria considered by the judges.

Please direct questions to Celise Kalke, Director of New Projects at the Alliance Theatre, via email at

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