Georgia Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts

Pre-School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Georgia Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts is a regional chapter of the Wolf Trap Institute located in Vienna, Virginia. The Wolf Trap Institute is a nationally recognized research-based Early Learning Through the Arts education program which provides residencies that apply drama, creative movement, puppetry and music to support students’ literacy, STEM skills, or English Language Learning.

Georgia Wolf Trap offers a 16 session residency that includes 12 in-class sessions co-taught by a Wolf Trap teaching artist and the classroom teacher and 4 planning sessions that provide opportunities for the teacher and teaching artist to collaborate on learning goals and standards, devise and refine lesson and unit plans, learning extensions and assessments. Teachers observe and engage in developmentally appropriate theater strategies to infuse classrooms with a joyous approach to literary elements like character, setting, problem, solution and beginning, middle and end. Teaching artists use storytelling, music, movement and puppetry to unlock students’ natural curiosity. Wolf Trap is a research based, nationally recognized program that has been shown to increase expressive and receptive language skills in young children. Students will also attend an Alliance Theatre production that is developmentally appropriate.

AEMDD Research Grants

Georgia Wolf Trap received two Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) research grants from the US Department of Education in partnership with Georgia State University and Fulton County Schools. These grants studied the effects of Georgia Wolf Trap on closing the achievement gap in low-income Kindergarten populations (2005-2008) and in English Language Learners (2008-2012).

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