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November 10

When the Script Gets Tricky: Facilitating Tough Conversations with Your Child


Even the youngest children can ask some tough questions and, even as adults, we don’t always have the answers. In this workshop, we’ll be examining tools we can employ for navigating touchy, sensitive, or complicated subjects with our children. Through the use of drama strategies, we’ll be prepared to initiate or continue these kind of conversations when they inevitably arise. We’ll answer the following questions:

• What are age appropriate words and language I can use when my child brings up a topic I’m unfamiliar with?
• How much information is appropriate to give them?
• What happens when my child and I disagree?
• What’s the best way to start the conversation? How do I end it?
•If I am caring for children of many different ages, how can I have meaningful conversations with them all?

December 8

Using Drama in Everyday Rituals and Routines

A workshop designed to teach caregivers how to make drama part of their daily lives. You’ll leave with some tools you can quickly pull out throughout your day with your child. We’ll talk about rituals and routines, why they’re important, and how drama can enhance what you’re already doing. We’ll answer these questions:

· How can we ease transitions in our day?
· How can I feel comfortable using drama in my day?
· What are some of the benefits or rituals and routines

Tuition: $25
Duration: 1 hour

Meet the Teacher

Aierelle Jacob

Aierelle Jacob

Aierelle Jacob is a proud administrator in the Arts Education field and has been working at the Alliance Theatre for almost five years. She's thrilled to have found a place where she can combine her passion for both theater and education. A former Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher, she has a fierce dedication to making sure every student, no matter their socioeconomic background, circumstances, or zip code, has access to high-quality arts education. Aierelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Spelman College and a Master of Arts degree in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a proud wife and toddler mom.

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