Strategic Storytelling

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Do you find yourself sharing bulleted lists of information while your colleagues tune out? When incorporating storytelling into the world of business, it’s important to keep in mind that storytelling is a tool to meet goals and get results: not an end in and of itself. Add storytelling to your communication toolkit and make your message stick!

Alliance@work Sessions

Strategic Storytelling
Use the actor's toolbox to be present, be connected and be authentic when sharing who you are and what you do – to get results.

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Strategic Storytelling: Next Level
Work with an Alliance@work coach (individually or in a group) to implement Strategic Storytelling concepts in an upcoming presentation.

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Skills development:

  • Practice using the full range of your voice to capture the ear and imagination of your audience
  • Learn how to connect with the purpose of your message and your audience
  • Learn to share who you are and what you do in a focused, believable way to get results

Session formats:

Each session can be delivered in two-hour, four-hour or six-hour formats and customized to meet specific client needs.

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