The cast of the 2013 production of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Greg Mooney.

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Do you appreciate live theatre? Do you enjoy meeting new people and trying new things? Then you may want to get involved with one of the largest volunteer forces in the arts.

The Alliance Theatre volunteer STARS program offers a wide range of opportunities, which includes advocating for live theatre, ushering for Alliance productions, participating and staffing fundraising and hospitality events, and assisting Alliance staff members with their daily office tasks.

STARS is composed of three separate organizations working together on fund-saving and fund-raising projects to benefit the theatre. The three volunteer groups are the Alliance Children's Theatre GuildAlliance Theatre Guild, and the Usher Corps.

To request more information, call:
Volunteer Hotline: 404.733.4761

STARS Mission Satement

An Alliance Theatre Volunteer actively gives time and expertise to make a positive contribution to the realization of the Theatre's mission and success of the organization within the metropolitan Atlanta community. To achieve the mission of the Alliance Theatre, volunteers will strive to participate in the activities of the Theatre by:

  • Providing a wide range of opportunities for volunteerism for the broad-based community
  • Nurturing artists to provide an environment in which they may create exciting and stimulating work
  • Developing new audiences
  • Informing and educating the Atlanta community to further advance the art form of theatre
  • Serving as advocates for the Alliance Theatre
  • Sharing the excitement generated by the Alliance with the Atlanta community

The Advocates seek to increase enjoyment and appreciation of drama through education and to broaden the Alliance's relationship with the community.

The ACTA assists with ushering for school group performances, hostessing Theatre for the Very Young performance, community education, fundraising, and more.

An Alliance Usher is an ambassador for the theatre and a host/hostess to our patrons for the evening. Does that sound like you?

Become an advocate for the Alliance and the arts in Atlanta.



We've officially hit summer here in Atlanta, and while temperatures are rising outside, we're staging the hottest dance party inside: The Dancing Granny. But with all there is to do this season, why should you grab the kids and come see the show?

A little known fact about the Alliance?
"We are the largest producing theatre in Georgia and if you break out our education department and its shows, that would be the second."

What is your hope for the future?
"For myself, I want to be happy. Motivation to succeed. For humanity, I wish for there to be more understanding, without disregard or hate."


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