Drama Camp FAQ


Daily Camp Schedule:
9 AM - 4 PM

What will my young actor do all day?
Daily activities vary by age group and camp. The curriculum may include: warm-up exercises, theater and improvisation games, music and chorography rehearsal, self-filmed assignments, one-on-one coaching, crafts, group discussion of topics related to theater or their lives, script readings, and writing time. 

How much screen time will my child have? 
Screen-time will be limited to an amount of time that is developmentally appropriate for your student (between 1 and 4 hours). In addition to required screen-based activities, camps for ages 4 and up also include optional screen-based activities throughout the camp day to be joined at the caregiver’s discretion including families games, coaching sessions, and guided crafts. 

What supplies do I need for virtual camp?
All students will receive a CAMP IN A BOX. Everything you need for camp will be shipped to your door including art supplies, templates for crafts, activity sheets and books. 

What type of technology will I need access to for virtual camp?
Participation in virtual camp requires an internet enabled device with access to a microphone and camera (desktop computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smart phone). Campers will use a combination of Zoom, Wakelet, Flipgrid, and Dropbox to access camp sessions and materials. 

Does virtual camp include a final performance?
Each camp will conduct a final sharing on the final camp day. Depending on the age group and content of camp, the final sharing may include a live performance on Zoom, pre-recorded scenes or sketches, readings, a Q & A, or a portfolio of work. 
If I have multiple kids in virtual camp, can they share a screen?
If kids are in the same camp, they can share a device. We will send a CAMP IN A BOX for each sibling. Siblings who are in different aged camps will need to have access to separate devices, as camp sessions will overlap. 

My child has a friend signed up for virtual camp? Can they be in the same camp group?
We can place campers in the same group if desired. Campers must both be the eligible age for the desired camp. 

How much does virtual camp cost?
•    5-day Camp - $255 (The majority of camps fall into this price point.)
•    4-day Camp - $219
•    10-day Camp - $479.40
•    9-day Camp - $450
•    3 Year Old Camp - $250

Can my child do this camp on his/her own or does he/she need my help?
•    3yo-4yo: Parents need to remain in the room with these students to help them navigate the technology. Students will also need adult guidance with craft activities and off-screen activities. There will be accompanying written and video instructions for these activities.  
•    K-3rd: Parents should start each video session for these students, and help them keep track of time. We recommend setting alarms for video sessions so your device helps you track the time.  
•    4th – 5th: Students at this grade level are typically more autonomous with time keeping and technology. Caregivers should stay close by, but should not need to guide the experience for their camper.  
•    6th - 8th:  Our middle school camps are designed with no parent involvement required.  Parents should, however, be on hand at the beginning and end of each day to help troubleshoot any connectivity issues and verify that webcams have been shut off when the camp session is over. 
•    9th - 12th: Our high school camps are designed with no parent involvement required.  Parents should, however, be on hand at the beginning and end of each day to help troubleshoot any connectivity issues and verify that webcams have been shut off when the camp session is over. 

Where can I find information about other classes, productions and auditions?
Alliance Theatre Education has a wide variety of programming for both adults and children. For more information click here.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy: 
Cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the virtual camp session. Refunds will be processed as a gift certificate or to the original form of payment. Students may transfer camp dates based on availability without a processing fee but will have to make up any cost difference if the camp tuitions are not equal.
How are you addressing my child’s safety and security in an online environment?
•    Alliance Theatre teaching artists are trained and experienced working with youth in after school and theater classroom settings. 
•    All teaching artists must pass background checks and go through an extensive interview process, including reference checks, before being hired. 
•    Zoom and all other virtual platforms are closely moderated for appropriate behavior both during video interactions and in chats. Staff members will be present for and supervise all video sessions.
•    Parent/guardian and student must sign the Code of Conduct in order to participate in the Virtual Drama Camp program. The Alliance Theatre reserves the right to remove any student for violating our Code of Conduct policy.
•    The Alliance Theatre will host an optional webinar prior the start of camp to answer any questions. Parents/ guardians are also welcome to contact Alliance Theatre staff via email or phone at any time during their student’s camp experience to address any issues or concerns.

Give us a call at 404.733.4700 or email atedu@alliancetheatre.org.

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