Arts for Learning Lessons

Arts for Learning (A4L) Lessons, a national program for grades 2 through 8, brings teachers and students together using the arts to support learning literacy concepts and skills. The art form selected (theatre, dance, visual arts, music, and creative writing) is determined by grade level. The program allows students to work back and forth between a text and an arts experience with their teacher and reinforces what they learn through group work and presentation opportunities, raising achievement in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

First, classroom teachers are trained to use arts integrated instructional strategies. An average of fourteen hours of lessons is taught by the classroom teacher. During the independent instruction, an Alliance Arts for Learning (AA4L) Institute teaching artist co-facilitates for two coaching sessions. The program concludes with a five-session residency led by an AA4L Institute teaching artist that allows students to work individually in the residency’s art form—visual arts, drama, music, or dance. Students are given a chance to share their knowledge and artwork with peers, parents, and the community in a culminating presentation. 

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