Alliance@work - How it Works

Three-component training framework

Each session leads participants through a three-component process that moves from theory to practical application. All activities are designed for low-risk and high success for all participants in a safe/engaging environment.

  • Rehearse – collaborative exploration of concepts through theatre techniques and activities
  • Direct – skill development through practice, coaching and critical response
  • Perform– integration of concepts into “real life” through performed scenarios and facilitated discussion

Alliance@work helps you get results in your business by enhancing you and your team's communication, collaboration and storytelling skills to:

  • Communicate more openly and clearly with colleagues and clients;
  • Enhance your leadership with practical empathy;
  • Think in new and innovative ways to find solutions that work; and Leverage your organization's story to capitalize on opportunities and increase client confidence.

Alliance@work Sessions

Strategic Storytelling
Use the actor's toolbox to be present, be connected and be authentic when sharing who you are and what you do – to get results.
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Strategic Storytelling: Next Level
Work with an Alliance@work coach (individually or in a group) to implement Strategic Storytelling concepts in an upcoming presentation. Click here to request more information.

Leading by Understanding
Better lead and motivate your teams by understanding your team’s personality styles and identifying your own. By paying attention to individual strengths and challenges of everyone’s personality style, you can positively impact individual and team performance. Click here to request more information.

Good Coaching to Great Performance
To create the impactful stories on stage, directors have to be effective coaches as they work with different actors with different personality and communication styles. By observing and participating in a rehearsal process with a director and a group of actors, enhance your own coaching toolkit with the art of effective coaching on the stage. Click here to request more information.

Your Leadership on Stage
Have you ever wanted a redo on a situation? Work with a director and a group of actors to put your decision-making skills on stage. Observe and participate as the team stages and rehearses your different leadership scenarios to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership and communication styles and choices. Click here to request more information.

The Art of Executive Presence
What story do you tell when you walk into the boardroom, staff meeting, or networking event? Good actors create compelling characters by making the right choices to communicate their truth and what they want. Learn how to use the actor’s toolkit (being present, being connected, and being authentic) to command the room, engage your audience, and increase your competitive advantage. Click here to request more information.

Becoming Feedback Ready
Building community, growing capacity and motivating collaboration by giving and receiving effective feedback. Click here to request more information.

Better Ideas through Better Conversation
Navigating purpose-driven, effective and efficient group discussions to achieve specific outcomes. Click here to request more information.

From Mindlessness to Mindfulness
An actor’s guide to being present, connected and authentic at work. Click here to request more information.

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