Toni Trucks in the 2013 production of By the Way, Meet Vera Stark. Photo by Greg Mooney.
This production was staged as part of our 2011/12 Season

I Just Stopped By to See the Man

I Just Stopped By to See the Man

March 9 to April 8, 2012 | On the Hertz Stage
Part of the Hertz Series

" allows us to witness a rare and delicious moment when a singular performer ["Mississippi" Charles Bevel] inhabits a fictional character as naturally as he lives in his own skin." —Wendell Brock for the AJC

"'s the small cast of three fantastic, perfectly-cast actors that makes for an incredibly engaging, tightly focused evening at the theater." —Andrew Alexander for

Deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, a man at the crossroads has put down his guitar and forsaken the blues. Rumors of his death only heighten his legend – for everyone except his adult daughter, who has some secrets of her own. But when the temptation of fame in the form of a young musician strides in from the night, everyone’s secrets are on the table. These three lost souls collide with a musical landscape choked with the loss and beauty of the Delta Blues – wrestling with the tension between where you come from and where you want to go.

Audience Feedback


What is your hope for the future?
"For myself, I want to be happy. Motivation to succeed. For humanity, I wish for there to be more understanding, without disregard or hate."

Without using the words in your job title, what do you do at the Alliance?
"I guess you can call me the theatre therapist."



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