Jeannette DePoy, Trevor Goble, Jeremy Aggers, Bethany Anne Lind, and Ann Marie Gideon in the 2015 world premiere of Edward Foote. Photo by Greg Mooney.
This production was staged as part of our 2011/12 Season



September 23 to October 23, 2011 | On the Hertz Stage
World Premiere
Part of the Hertz Series

"...pitch-perfect...Shaffer is a playwright of formidable gifts...[the character Liz] doesn't seem written; she seems to have been alive for 52 years, and we only now caught up with her." —Phil Kloer,

The Eliason family is living the American dream until Liz Eliason, a high level marketing executive, comes home to her husband Jonathan with the news that she’s been fired.   She is shocked; Jonathan is thrilled.  With the wealth they have accrued from her career, they can now finally enjoy a life together.  But when the company Liz has worked for goes under a few days later and with it, a great part of their wealth, Liz, Jonathan and their 19 year-old daughter Missie – a student at NYU – are now facing a new reality.  BROKE asks the question: when it seems like everything is falling through your fingers, what (and who) do you hold onto?

Written by Atlanta’s own Janece Shaffer, Broke is a deeply moving and almost-too-close-for-comfort story about when the indispensable in corporate America become dispensable.  Shaffer once again brings to life a story that touches our community’s heart with compassion, keen insights, and humor.

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  • Playwright
    Janece is an award-winning and nationally produced playwright who has written more than a dozen works, including seven Alliance Theatre world premieres. Her credits... read more »

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