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Voice Over

Wed, 2014-01-22 10:07 -- cdresser
  • Learn how to break into this field
  • Explore the Atlanta voice over market
  • Find out about demos, agents, and unions
  • Record a short commercial
  • Receive feedback from an experienced professional

Maximum of 10 Students - Meets 2 Sessions
Tuition: $125
Class duration: 3 hours

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A quick glance at Magic Negro director Anthony LeBlanc's resume reveals a robust string of achievements likely to be the envy of any comedian in the business. One particular credit to his name may cause others to take pause: a Computer Science and Physics B.S. degree.

Spring is coming to Atlanta, and what better way to celebrate the wonders of the outdoors than to see the a nature-focused world premiere for the whole family? Cinderella and Fella begins performances this week and it's a must-see. Here are five reasons why.

While Troubadour kicked off the new year with rhinestones and rockin' original country music, another historic Nashville-centered show has


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