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Arts Integrated Learning

Wed, 2015-09-02 12:38 -- cdresser

This workshop will serve as a fundamental introduction to arts integrated learning as a teaching model. It will be focused on topics that are central to every teaching practice such as differentiation, curriculum planning, authentic assessment, classroom management, and standards based teaching and learning. Participants will look, respond, move, question, and validate in a guided collaborative approach to gain depth of understanding as to the availability and ease of arts integration. This workshop will involve visual imagery, language, movement and analysis to explore curriculum in untraditional ways. The workshop’s essential questions are: What makes arts-integrated learning challenging and why do it anyway? Is all learning in arts created equal?

What Is Arts Integration? is a foundation workshop to define and gain understanding of what arts integration is and how it will enhance learning in the classroom environment. The best-documented and most critical benefits for students are not only subject-specific academic skills, but rather markedly improved habits of mind and higher order thinking skills. Arts integrated learning varies in approach. When it is most effective, the integrity of both the art content and subject content are equally upheld and students are engaged in a process where both disciplines speak to each other to deepen student understanding and learning.

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