The cast of the 2013 production of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Greg Mooney.

Teen Ensemble Reviews of The Prom

The Prom // Photo by Greg Mooney.
Our Teen Ensemble had the opportunity to see and review "The Prom."  See what they thought of the world premiere musical now on the Alliance Stage!
The Prom is the tale of the journey of a teenage girl who is denied the right to attend her school prom with her girlfriend. It will tug at your heartstrings while also ensuring that you laugh through 95% of it (the other 5% being the sad parts that obviously result in the shedding of a few tears). 
The musical opens with Emma, the main character, and then we are soon whisked into the Broadway world, learning of actors and actress, who are a little too big for their britches. These two worlds collide in hopes to get Emma the prom that she deserves with the girl she wants. 
Throughout the entire musical, I was engaged. From beginning to end, I could not pull my eyes away from the stage. Even though the storyline may seem a bit predictable, it isn’t and kept me on my toes the entire time. The high schoolers were relatable and didn’t seem like false representations of how adults think high schoolers act. While almost everything was very flashy and fun, when necessary, it was quiet and minimal especially when Emma had a solo or a duet took place. Overall, I’d recommend this musical to teenagers and adults because there’s something in it for everyone especially the heartfelt message displayed throughout it all.
- Amira, 11th grade
Attending The Prom was more fun than attending my own prom! The writers of this show hit home with me by including of all the pressures and insecurities that teenagers have to face in this time in such a genuine way. Incorporating social media like YouTube in the show was a great thing to see- it was like a celebration of social networks and the incredible power of them. As teens we are constantly told of the dangers of social media instead of the positive impact it can make on today's society- uniting people of all backgrounds and beliefs. It made me smile to be reminded that we as teens do have a voice in this world.
- Caroline, 10th grade
I found The Prom: A New Musical to be an absolutely breathtaking piece of art that genuinely connects people of all ages. Not only did the plot have me laughing, crying, and everything in between, but every element of design left me in awe. My favorite element of the show was the set. My eyes were so happy! The design of every scene was so beautifully laid out and evoked unique emotions. From the drab, heartbreaking set of the fake prom, to the contrastingly awe inducing set of the “New York Nights” prom at the end, the scenic design really stole the show. Another notable detail from the show is the script, and how it was interpreted. While watching this show, one falls in love with each distinct character. There is no bad guy— just a mix of real people trying to figure out who they are to this world. I found that incredibly relatable and well thought out. Overall, I loved the show and am planning to see it again!
- Gillian, 10th grade
 “The Prom” is a poignant musical depicting the modern day struggles of Emma, a teenage girl portrayed by Caitlin Kinnunen, who wants to take her girlfriend to the Prom. This simple desire and the politics and turmoil that it incites ends up causing the prom to be cancelled. As Emma becomes the target of hatred and oppression at the hands of the school’s Parent Teacher Association, she also ends up finding a place in every audience member’s heart. Kinnunen’s portrayal of Emma is authentic and raw. She is both vulnerable and strong at the same time and her poignant portrayal helps the audience to connect with the character and her struggle. This is also facilitated by the hilarity that ensues with every appearance of Brooks Ashmanskas’ character Barry Glickman. Glickman’s impeccable comedic timing creates a perfect balance in the heartwarming friendship between Emma and Barry. These two key characters are supported by an brilliant ensemble whose group numbers are an absolute joy to watch. The production elements of this show are also a wonder to behold, the vibrant lighting and elaborate sets create the perfect environment for this extravagant display of a love that was not going to be silenced by the close mindedness that plagues our world today. The Prom is a show that is not only beautifully told by a talented group of actors, it is a show with a message that is critical for everyone to witness.
- Isabel, 11th grade
The Prom was such an amazing production. The musical added humor, "pizazz", and a heartwarming story line to talk about the topic of homosexuality as it relates to teenagers. It's great to see that there is a production that is so modern, entertaining, & relatable to the issues that a homosexual female like myself has experienced in high school. 
- Rachael, 11th grade
I have two words to describe The Prom. Simply Beautiful. The musical is a vibrant piece of work that exudes an important topic in our modern society. Sexuality as a whole is a very sensitive and complex topic that many people have difficulty understanding. Society today has many stigmas about homosexuality, what it means to be gay, and if it’s right or not, while failing to realize love. That’s all it is, just love. Such simplicity is captured in the spellbinding performance. From the performers to the set, this piece is a true work of art about love prevailing.  Leaving the audience with a new perspective about fighting for what’s right and being in love.
- Sherifa, 12th grade



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